Summer Course in spoken Arabic for English speakers

A spoken Arabic course for English speakers from Israel or abroad, who are interested in learning spoken Arabic, being exposed to the Palestinian Arabic language and local culture as well as the dilemmas and complexities, which characterize multicultural environments.

Basic details

  • Dates: The course will be held in Givat Haviva, during 8 weeks,from 6.6.21 to 31.7.21
  • School days: The course will include five school days per week, from Sunday to Thursday.
    Tours will be held every Tuesday, as an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Hours: School day starts at 8:30 and ends at 16:30. Studies include lectures, workshops and exercises.
  • A variety of lessons: The course will include lessons on various topics: Spoken Arabic, Literary Arabic and Palestinian Culture. This is to allow learners a deeper understanding of the Arab culture and language.

What can you expect to know at the end of the course?

  • To be able to have a simple conversation in spoken Arabic.
  • Get to know the Arabic alphabet and recognize words written in Arabic.
  • Get to know the Palestinian culture, including religion, lifestyle and culture.

Sample timetable







Literary Arabic


Spoken Arabic


A tour


Spoken Arabic


Spoken Arabic



Literary Arabic


Spoken Arabic



Spoken Arabic


Spoken Arabic



Religions in the Middle East


Palestinian culture




Religions in the Middle East


Palestinian culture



Lunch & recess


Lunch & recess



Lunch & recess


Lunch& recess



Literary Arabic:


Spoken Arabic:



Spoken Arabic:


Spoken Arabic:




Every Tuesday of the week we will go on tours in different areas of the country, Arab cities and villages as well as mixed cities. Please see below the tour program.

Tours may be subject to change due to constraints such as corona restrictions, weather conditions (especially hot days) or academic needs. Tour locations: Barta'a, Jaffa, Acre, Negev, Jisr Azarka, Haifa, Sakhnin and Lod.

Additional information

  • Quarantine: No classes will be held during quarantine. Students may stay in isolation in Givat Haviva.
  • Course Admission Requirements:

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Students must be familiar with the Arabic writing system by the time the course begins.Students who are not familiar with the Arabic writing system will receive tutoring to help
  • them master the subject.

Enrollment: The opening of the courses is subject to a minimum of 10 participants.


  • Tuition: 1,200ILS per student/week, enrollment to a full school week(Sunday to Thursday) only.
  • Accommodation: 250ILS per week/person in a double room (two students in a room).
    500ILS per week/person in a single room.
  • Economy: 60ILS per day (3 meals in Givat Haviva dining room). The payment is calculated according to the number of meals consumed each month.
  • Total estimated cost per student (including accommodation and economy): 17,500-20,000 ILS.

Please fill in your details < here > and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our teachers go beyond the academic, often opening their homes and introducing students to their families and day to day activities.

Spoken & Literary Arabic


Palestinian Culture



Arab cities and villages
as well as mixed cities






Givat Haviva is located in Israel's Wadi Ara region, home to the country's highest concentration of Arabic speakers.

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